Open Golf Days!

Open Golf Days!

What are our Open Days?
These are free introductions aimed at anyone kids, teens and adults who wants to learn to play golf.

Open Days
  • from March 24 to April 2
  • from April 14 to April 23
  • from September 15 tot October 1
What do our Open Days involve?
The introduction generally lasts two hours and provides an overview of golf. In the company of an instructor, participants tour the course, visit the clubhouse and handle clubs.
They then hit their first balls on the driving range and putting green, which are practice areas, and end the introduction by playing a real golf hole on the course.

How do I sign up?
Simply call +3286214454 or send us an email durbuy@golfardennen.comt to book. Of course, you can sign up with friends and family to take part in the introduction together.


Play your game with confidence
(Self) trust is the most important ingredient for a pow
Forget your score and go for it
By focussing on results, we are missing out on personal
Hit the sand where you intend to hit it
Make or break your bunker shot
Scoring on the long holes
Playing safe or offensive?