Ideal for working in pairs and perfect for tackling the problems you face on course.
Flexible package

Flexible package

Flexible package ideal for personal analysis and overall improving all aspects of your game in a group.
- 12 hours of lessons to be divided over the course of three months.
- Groups of six people. (balls not included).


On-course mentoring sessions

On-course mentoring sessions

Ideal for tackling the problems that you face on course
- Two hours of personalized on-course mentoring
- Sliding scale pricing for groups
- Groups up to four people (balls not included)

€60/person for groups of four

€70/person for groups of three
€90/person for groups of two
€120/person for individuals

Duo V One package

Duo V One package

- Five hours of coaching 
- One V One analysis lasting one hour
- Three 60-minutes lessons in a pair
- One final V One analysis lasting one hour (balls provided)

Introductory package

Introductory package

Introductory two hours of group lessons (maximum ten people, equipment provided in the lessons)

€20 per lesson